Tuesday, March 29, 2011

International Honeymoon Destinations

Stars in eyes and love in the air is how things are just after getting married. But to convert these stars and love in an everlasting feeling and make it further firm on the foundation of respect and trust Mastholiday proposes some real mast destinations that provide you an ambience which is just apt for such a wonderful beginning.

Amit was in fact thrilled to get a superb honeymoon deal of Malaysia. Everything was just like a dream for him and his newly married wife, who just couldn’t help but fall in love with him all over again for being so thoughtful. He in turn thanked his stars for leaving it all to Mastholidays otherwise it would have been really difficult for him to coordinate it all. After all his package included a limousine pick up from airport till hotel, followed by an equally luxurious stay in hotel and sightseeing once again in a limousine that too much within his budget, leaving enough for him to buy mementos and gifts for near and dear ones of his immediate and extended family.

While Amit was having the time of his life in Malaysia, Anur was getting besotted by the technically advanced Singapore holiday packages another popular international honeymoon destination of Mastholiday. He was relaxed to see that major attractions of the country that had the costliest entry tickets were free of cost for him as it was all included in the package. Even his wife was overjoyed with the location of their hotel.

The agents of Mastholiday state that couples with a liking for sun, sea and exotic locales also prefer Sri Lanka. The country is not just far cheaper, but is also very well-known for its luxurious and discounted hotels and superb cuisine. In fact many Indians just can’t believe their luck when they realize that Sri Lankan rupees is almost three times cheaper than that of Indian rupees so even a branded shirt of LKR 1200 is in fact merely of four hundred Indian rupees.

Moving from cost-effective honeymoons to value for money destinations entails umpteen European and developed world countries. Of all these, the ever beckoning Switzerland with its snow-capped peaks, lush green meadows and tranquil surroundings is always the most-sought after.

Italy, located on the Mediterranean Sea and spanning north to the Alps mountain range offers both the coastal charm and snow capped mountains. The country has a number of major cities worth visiting which is why many couples spend a day or two in a number of cities, rather than limiting their trip to only one.

Same is true of France also. However, many couples can’t seem to have enough of Paris-the most romantic city in the world. The city has so much to offer that two to three days just fly by and before one realizes you are not just more in love with each other, but also with the city.

However, if international honeymoon packages is what a couple is looking for then Tahiti might be a good bet. Situated in South Seas, the island of Tahiti offers endless beaches, palm trees and a sense of paradise. Taking an island cruise, doing scuba diving through the coral reefs deep below the ocean surface, there is plenty to discover. So what are you waiting for?

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