Friday, December 14, 2012

Top 5 Most Visiting Tourist Attractions of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, the gem of Central Asia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Though the destinations of Uzbekistan do not acquire the top position in the traveler’s tour destination thereafter, it is impossible to remain untouched from its unique attractions. If you are pushing your step back listening about the country, then you’re utterly and wonderfully going wrong. Uzbekistan Holidays Package promises to show you the best sites of the country where thousands of international tourists always can be spotted, indulging their time in Uzbekistan’s most famous attractions. Let’s see how Uzbekistan tourism can be a great deal for you:

  • Tashkent -
Tashkent City View, Uzbekistan
Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is the most beautiful city of the country. The city is lined with well-developed streets and avenues, which are decorated with gardens, fountains and green parks. There are several tourist attractions in this wonderful city such as its historical monuments namely Architectural Complex Zengi-Ata, Ensemble Khazret Imam; arts and crafts shops like Alayski Bazaar and drama theaters like Theater Ilkhom, Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater.

  • Samarkand -
Bibi-Khanum Mosque, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Samarkand, the historic town is situated in the valley of the river Zarafshan. The city has a surprising collection of antique monuments. The legendary city has so many remarkable histories which only can be best known by visiting its historical monuments. The prime monuments of the city are Registan Square- a traditional center of the region; Bibi-Khanum Mosque, the majestic structure of Amir Temur's times and the Relic of Three Religions where Muslims, Jews and Christians all can pray together to their deity.

Apart from that, the city is the prime business hub of the region where one can find several industries and mills.

  • Bukhara -
Fortress Ark, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
First time visitors can find numbers of architectural monuments in Bukhara dating back to the Middle Ages. Fortress Ark one of the oldest monuments of Bukhara is located in the heart of the city, which once was the dwelling place of rulers and their servants of that time. The great historical Silk Road is passing through Bukhara. Some worth watching attractions of the city are Bukhara museum, theatres and galleries.

  • Khiva -
Khiva Streets
The desert city, Khiva is known for its majestic historical monuments. To watch its attractions, just walk along its main streets, where you will find varieties of spellbinding mosques, minarets, mausoleums and madrassas of ancient times which has given the city an enchanting look. Some famous attractions of the city where you can make your Khiva tour remarkable are Kunya-Ark Citadel, Walls and Gates of Khiva, Kutlug Murad Inak Madrassah and Islam-Hojja Minaret.

  • Nukus -
Karakalpak Statue, Nukus
Nukus is a beautiful city of Uzbekistan. The main interest of the city is its three affiliated museums which one never should miss out during Uzbekistan Tour. Those are the Karakalpak State Museum, Appled Art Museum and Igor Savitsky where tourist can see more than 50,000 of paintings and work of arts which once were banned during Soviet period.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An Affair with Khandala Attractions

Indian hill station tour is very common among the travel enthusiasts whether they are domestic or international tourist. It is the charm, scenic beauty and attractions of these hill stations tour which always spellbound its visitors, drawing them from every corner of the planet. Since early age, the renowned Indian hill station, Khandala is gaining lots of popularity among the tourist; this is because of its attractions, appealing mountains and lustrous valleys and therefore, people wish to spend a remarkable holiday in Khandala with their family friends and with the beloved one. The place is situated in the heart of the India’s biggest metropolitan city Mumbai and easily reachable from Lonavala.

Hill Station View of Khandala
The panoramic beauty of the hill station is lying in its beautiful Tugauli Lake, strange Bhaja Caves, wonderful Duke’s Nose peak and Karla, which are the most popular tourist places of interest. Tiger’s Leap is considered the most enchanting point as standing on this peak and overlooking the valley one can easily observe the appearance of a leaping tiger.

Tiger's Leap, Kandala
The region of Karla is famous for its ancient Buddhist caves. Here, you can see some great rock cuts sculptors work on the walls of the caves, which narrates the stories of past. Although these caves are not so famous like Ajanta and Ellora Caves thereafter, it experiences extremely pleasant outing. Bhaja and Bedsa caves are most famous which you should not miss while you are at Karla.

If you get fed up with daily functions, then reach Tugauli Lake and spend some moments on the bank of the tranquil lake; it will really rejuvenate your body and soul and will give you the ultimate pleasure.

Karla Buddhist Cave
Karla and Duke’s Nose peak are the best places for adventure enthusiasts and invites fun and excitement into your life. Wish to climb on these rocky hills wearing trekking shoes and held a competition to reach the peak. This activity will surely wake up your idle thrilling skills.

Apart from these, Khandala holiday package also include sightseeing of some spellbinding attractions like Sunset Point, Lions Point, Rye Wood Park and many more which never fails to experience a lifelong holiday. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reach Rishikesh to Spend a Wonderful Holiday

Rishikesh, the gateway to Himalayan shrines of Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Yamunotri is situated at the Himalayan foothills at the convergence of the most sacred river Ganga and Chandrabhaga. The holy city waits to get a million of Hindu Pilgrims and adventure enthusiasts every year. Once it was the Penance place of many saints because they believed that the almighty God lives in this place. It is also believed that meditation on the bank of the river Ganga at Rishikesh leads the people salvation.

This shrine place of Hindus constantly catches the attention of national as well as international tourists, not only for the existence of ancient temples but also for the growing up some amazing river sports like river rafting, swimming, kayaking activities waterfall trekking. The adventures in the heart of the river Ganga take you back to your childhood and compel you to enjoy your holiday beyond the limitation.

Therefore, countless number of tourist plans to spend a remarkable holiday in this holy place during the month from November to February. Will it not be an excellent idea if you comprise Rishikesh itinerary in your North India tour package? You can also customize your tour to Rishikesh if you are very passionate to pamper your time in thrilling activities. Customize tour is the best deal which not only gives value to your money but also can avail you your desired voyage at a cheap price.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Kashmir : A Blissful Holiday Destination

Do your kids nagging you to go for a holiday during their summer vacation? Have you ever dreamt of spending your holiday amidst the icy mountains, magnificent lakes, cascading waterfalls, green meadows and magnificent games? Then what could be the perfect holiday destination rather than the “Switzerland in India”, Kashmir. The breathtaking view of the heavenly place has no comparison with any other place in the world which not only wins your heart and soul but also offers a wide range of gaming and adventurous options for your kids as well. It does not matter whether you want to spend your holiday with your family or your friends, Kashmir Valley will always add charm during your vacation.

Kashmir is dotted with diverse range of allure destinations such as Srinagar, Leh, Pahalgahm, Padum, Sonamarg, Mune, Gulmarg  Purne, Gombarjan, etc. which not only attracts the natural lovers but also magnetizes the religious people also. Picking any holiday package for Kashmir, allows you to make a wonderful trip across the exotic destinations comfortably and within a minimum time period.  Approaching to Gulmarg, and Pahalgahm you can enjoy the breathtaking view of its hill stations and can experience lots of gaming options like horse riding, trekking, golf playing, etc. whereas Leh & Ladakh tour will bring heavenly peace by demonstrating religious places.

You can best enjoy the Kashmir, availing Kashmir tour package from one of the leading travel agent in India who give you the opportunity to feel the enchanting view of all the major tourist destinations of the divine place closely.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cheapest Holiday Deals: Add Some More Enjoyment in Your Tour

Going for a holiday is a good idea but moving for the vacation attaining cheapest holiday deals will not be the job of appreciation. Such presence of mind not only gives value to your money but also brings heavenly mental satisfaction to your life. A perfect holiday is not just a holiday rather it gives a unique opportunity to explore the local as well as the international holiday places that you know or totally mysterious for you. If you want to save more before going for the holiday then combo package will best suits to your needs which give you a unique opportunity to explore more and more places inside as well as outside of the country. 

Mast Holiday, the authorized New Delhi based travel company, deals in all kinds of possible holiday packages and honeymoon packages which can meet your requirements within your budget. From air ticket to the hotel booking, world class services from the starting point of your tour to the hotels and from the sightseeing with guided tour to the guaranteed privacy to the couples we take care all of them so as to make your holiday and honeymoon memorable.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Darjeeling: Most Sought After Holiday Destination

Do you want to give a wonderful gift to yourself? If yes, come to Darjeeling. The verdant tea garden, snow covered peaks, vast green meadows and cascading waterfall of Darjeeling always welcome you spreading both arms to spend a perfect holiday in the lap of Mother Nature. Apart from its magnificent beauty, this hill station is loaded with so many unique tourist attraction spots which only Darjeeling can offer to you. Its climatic condition will never disappoint you and allow you to take a close view of the nature.

Darjeeling hotels represent the best alluring customer services and cater excellent accommodation for the visitors; even tourist can enjoy the quality stay in the hotel at reasonable rates.

Darjeeling holiday package best suits to those people, who want to escape from the hectic city life and desire to enjoy their holiday in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. To get the best holiday package for Darjeeling you can approach to one of the India's best holiday company “Mast Holiday” who takes care all of your necessary requirements during your tour and assures you to make your holiday evergreen for all the time.

Darjeeling will surely gift you a magnificent holiday to you as well as to your family.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Give A Splendid Time To Your Relationship

Holiday plays a vital role in every relationship. It's a kind of time which every couple would love to spend together. Most of the relationship can never be successful due to the lack of quality of time that they can never spend with each other. In this situation a special holiday for couples can be a wonderful option which give you plenty of time to understand each other, relaxes your mind and allow you come back from your vacation with remarkable memories.

If you are going away from the busy city life North Indian hill stations are the best weekend gateways for couples. Weekend getaways for couples could be one of the best deals for those people who have to take leave from their work. If you would like to make your trip economical, get the cheapest cash back holiday package from one of the leading Indian travel company Mast Holiday who only can assure you to give you the best couple holiday package with cash back guarantee. 

When couples are on tour they need to enjoy each and every moment with each other by doing party, spending nights in world class hotel and sightseeing of all the attractions of the destination. 

Mast holiday can give you ample of opportunities to choose such an exciting couples holiday packages according to your need and demand, opting which both of you can spend quality of time with each other.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Manali: A Priceless Experience of your Life

Do you want to make your holiday most beautiful and memorable one? Are you the one who is looking for a place to relax and also need some great fun? Then guys visit to Manali. It is the ideal place for couples holidays and all age groups who want to spend their holiday among the lush green flora, snow-capped mountains and magnificent ambience of nature with their near and dear one. A holiday package to the hill station, Manali can bring to you an evergreen happiness and peace to your life.

The tourist attractions in Manali give you unmatchable experience which is very rare to find in any other cities in the nation. So, whenever you plan for a holiday in Manali, book your desired hotel in advance. You will get lots of hotels in Manali but due to the famous tourist destinations, it becomes quite difficult to get a vacant hotel easily if you do not book it in advance. One can find some special arrangement in the Manali hotels if they avail honeymoon package. The Manali tour package gives you the opportunity to have a close view of all the major attractions of the city easily and conveniently. In every season a flow of religious people has been seen in this spiritual place to meet their spiritual god, which increases the holiness of the region.

So, would you like to miss such an excellent trip of your life to Manali?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Get the Best Holidays Package: In The Dream Place Goa

During holiday, all the travel lovers want to go to an area where they can feel relaxation. Traveler's destination in Goa is very much famous among the people and this attraction is because of its beautiful beaches. It will be very hard to find a single people who would not like to take a tour to Goa. Goa beaches offer all types of fun and enjoyment that you really need.  If you have never visited Goa before then it is advisable to take an affordable Goa holiday package as for your mind relaxation. Its beautiful beaches, adventurous boating facility, wonderful waterfalls, peculiar tradition, culture and eye-catching churches compels you to spend little bit more time within this specific spot.

Booking Goa hotels for a new visitor might be a tough job. There are numbers of hotels and resorts in Goa, not having any idea about the city; you may face some unusual situation. Therefore, starting for Goa tour one should have all the knowledge about the places; this will help you to spend your vacation comfortably and securely.

Choosing best holiday package for Goa from the travel tour operators could be a beneficial option who guides you to visit all the major tourist destinations across the city. They take care of all your needs and provide the world class accommodation during your trip which will keep entertaining you all the time and give you the feel of privacy. The package also includes a luxury car which will take you out to all the major tourist places of the city Goa.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your luggage and fly for Goa...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best Destinations to Spend Kerala Honeymoon Tours

The backwaters are the best place to go for a honeymoon in Kerala. There are various backwater tours available. However, on the other hand, there are various places which one can visit personally to enjoy their honeymoon. His article will mention these places and explain the main attraction of the place.

Wayand is a place located in the Western Ghats Mountains. This is a place which has environmental as well as spiritual beauty. The main attraction in this place for honeymoons is the eco resorts. These resorts provide peach and tranquility to the visitors. Going on a honeymoon to this place will improve the relationship spiritually as both the partners’ understand each other at a different level. This place also has a lot of tea, coffee and spice plantations to go around. Shopping of the spices can also be done here. It is also the home of the rain forests.

Alleppey is another place which is tailor made for the honeymoon couples. This is the 'Venice of the East' due to the vast number of lagoons, canals, backwaters as well as beaches. There are various house boat facilities in the city. This is due to the vast abundance of backwaters. Many people choose to go to Venice for their honeymoon but this is also an equally good place for holidaying and has been so for many centuries now. However, with the introduction of the western tradition of honeymoons, this has topped the list along with the hill stations in the north and Ooty in the south. There are resorts for accommodation in this town.

Munnar is one of the most popular hill stations in the state of Kerala. Many people have chosen this place for holidaying and also for honeymoons from a long time. When it comes to honeymoons in Kerala, this is a must included place along with Allepey.

The food is a very important part of any tour irrespective of whether it is a honeymoon or a family holiday. Kerala is located in the coastal area and thus, sea food is a delicacy of this state. One should definitely enjoy all the dishes made with the theme of sea food. There are many such restaurants for this purpose.

Along with the food, another main component for the honeymoon in Kerala is the spa treatments. One can never complete a vacation in Kerala without getting a spa treatment done. This booking should be done well in advance after finding out about the best spas in the locality of your travel. You can also ask your travel agent to make arrangements for the same along with the package. Most of the times, the package will include this and if not, the travel agent will make sure to ask you for it.

The last place to include in this Kerala honeymoon list is Kovalam. This is a place known for its exotic beaches. The sun, sand and the sea will make perfect company for two people on a lonely honeymoon date or a candle light dinner.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lancedown: ‘Peace- The Shanti’ Still Lives Here

There may be different purposes of going on a holiday tour; some prefer to go on a popular destination while some like to go for unconventional beautiful places to feel the soothing warmth of nature. The natural beauty of such far end places is still in its original form because only a special segment of tourist comes here. One of such beautiful place, I visited recently is Lancedown, a tiny hill station in Uttarakhand located at 40 km far from Kotdwar. Although, the road is good but there are many spots that took my driving test without warning sign.

A mixture of Kumani tradition and military culture, Lancedown came into existence during 1887 when Garhwal rifles regiment of Indian army, founded by EP Mainworing, was shifted here. When you start driving up for Lancedown from Kotdwar on the narrow road, cool breeze coming through hills welcomes you. Sight of road side long pine trees and Koshi river makes you joyous and it becomes really difficult to concentrate over the road for the first time visitors but because of the congested and patchy road you need to drive with utmost care.

Though, Lancedown doesn’t offer too many ‘hot spots’ and things to do but even than its popularity is growing with every passing year. The primary reason is that it is still completely pollution free because of almost zero traffic, sound and industrial pollution. If you are perfect driver and have a good conditioned vehicle, you may drive through to near by places. By visiting St. francis and St. marys churches, you get the blessings of God. From Tip – Top, you can enjoy marvelous view of Lancedown valley. Bulla lake full of water splashing ducks offers unique opportunity of boating with well maintained boats very close to straight high mountains. A nature walk in Lovers Lane also called as ‘Thandi Sadak’ becomes the lifelong memory.

Only and only if you are confident with your driving skill, you may also drive to some high altitude points to have spectacular view of sunset, high raise mountain, people living in deep valley. Dance of chirping birds can be enjoyed everywhere in Lancedown apart from peace- which is hardly available at other hill stations. After 40 minutes too cautious hard drive to Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple, you will find yourself in the nest of 200 fts high Deodar trees. SUV category vehicles make the driving little bit more comfortable here on the sharp inclined narrow turns. The scenic beauty gets imprinted over the mind and soul for forever.

The owners or the mangers of Oak grove inn, Jerrithal resort, GMVN resorts and Pvt. Lodges know well to impress you with traditional hospitality.

Spending holidays in Lancedown and being a tourist one should have Best Tour Packages, customized by leading Travel Company such as Mast Holiday who offers best and cheap deals in hotel booking, flights and holidays, will add more benefit.

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The Most Exclusive and Affordable Honeymoon Packages

When a couple is planning for a honeymoon and are looking for best honeymoon packages that are affordable, in that case they would be glad to know that there are numerous exclusive honeymoon packages that suit them. Before deciding a place for the honeymoon, the couple has to decide the type of honeymoon they wish to have. It is important to consider if they wish to indulge themselves in adventurous activities or wish to visit beautiful surroundings, hidden coves, secluded beaches or tropical lands. 

Some of the well-known honeymoon spots in the world are Kerala, Manali, Malaysia, Darjeeling, Thailand, Mauritius, Goa and Singapore. These places are exclusively perfect and beautiful for the honeymooners.  Some of the websites provide versatile packages to all these places so that the couples can have some unforgettable time with their partner; it makes the couple forget all their worries when they are on a honeymoon vacation. 

To have a smooth and relaxed honeymoon in India, one needs to check on the comprehensive honeymoon package. Choosing the right honeymoon package will ensure that the couples get the most excellent accommodation, do the interesting activities and have maximum romance and fun and all these at affordable prices. Since India is considered a perfect place for honeymoon, there are several tourists’ spots where one can plan their honeymoon to make their trip the most memorable one.

The most popular honeymoon places in India are Goa, Shimla, Mussourie, Mahabaleshwar, Ooty, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Manali, Kullu and Nainital. The couples can choose any of these destinations in India based on the type of honeymoon they wish to have in India. The cheapest honeymoon packages in India offer a wide range of deals to make sure that the couple has the most memorable honeymoon in India. India is the Heaven for honeymooners. The Honeymoon packages in India are accessible at affordable prices and with different options.

The couples can plan for an expensive or a budget honeymoon package. The honeymoon package depends on the type of accommodation, sightseeing options, number of days and other options. The couples can as well choose a customized international honeymoon package where they can choose the type of accommodation and the sightseeing places. Customized honeymoon package would definitely make the honeymoon experience a memorable and affordable one.

To check on the best honeymoon packages all one has to do is log in to website that provides information on these packages. There are some websites that provide great offers and deals to the newly wedded couples. One can also find the best honeymoon destinations on these websites. When planning for a honeymoon it is important to consider choosing the right destination and the type of honeymoon one wishes to have. Some websites provide information on the activities that are available with these honeymoon packages. Like mentioned before, it is important to consider what one wishes to do and the activities they would like to indulge in, accordingly they can decide the destination and also choose the package that suits them the most.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top 5 North India Destinations to Retreat from Indian Summer

The people who live in the northern plains of India know what the summer of India is. The heat and high temperature during this season make it very hard for doing day-to-day work. This makes as a perfect excuse to have a getaway to a much cooler and pleasant place. Summer vacations of schools and college also gives a reason to the people to have a family vacation so that the entire family can spend some quality time together. Some of the amazing summer retreats in North India are as follows.

Manali: Manali is a very famous tourist destination in India. Located in Himachal Pradesh, it is full of awesome scenery of mountains, streams, rivers and waterfalls. It is a great place to spend holidays in summer and also for adventurous activities like mountain climbing, trekking, etc.

Shimla: Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and is one of the most visited hill stations in India. It was also the summer capital of the India under British rule. The buildings are the example of British impression on Indian architectural.

Nanital: A very popular hill station of north India, Nanital is in a valley which contains a lake shaped like a pear (fruit). It is situated in Uttarakhand. There are so many lakes to visit in Nanital. The famous Naini Devi Temple is also a great tourist attraction. You can also go for trekking on Naina Peak.

Srinagar: It is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir and is famous for lakes, gardens and houseboats. Dal Lake is one of the main attractions of Srinagar. It is an ideal place to spend holidays in summer.

Mussoorie: Mussoorie is called the Queen of the Hills. This hill station is situated in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan ranges. It is also a very popular tourist destination of north India during summers

All these places are great to spend your summer holidays. In the next post, we will give you the details about the south India destinations to retreat from Indian summer.

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