Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Perfect Souvenirs of Romania

Romania, a country of natural beauty, rich diversity and cultural heritage is very popular among globe trotters. Scenic landscapes, mountains, archaic rural areas, historical cities, vibrant culture, serene atmosphere, etc. make it beautiful to such an extent that number of visitors are increasing day by day. Several small cities mix together to make a unique country known as Romania. Each city of the country has its own significance. To remember the trip to Romania, shopping can be done from various markets or grocery stores of the different cities. It can be challenging but surely full of fun and amazement. Some of the finest souvenirs that one can shop and take home are discussed below that surely help you while shopping. 

Floreasca Sky Tower, Bucharest in  Romania
Bistrita, A Town of Romania (Image by Ramona R on Flickr)

Romanian Folk Costumes & Handicrafts

Romanian folk costumes are popular all around. All the handicraft shops sell different kind of folk costumes. Textile and handicraft items are very common in this place as most of the people have animals like sheep, goat, etc. from which they easily make out the raw material for their product. So, it is the main occupation of the place.  Silk beads and trumpery are used mainly for decorative purposes.

Romanian Handicraft (Image by Gratziella Vlaicu on Flickr)

Romanian Wine

Romanian wine is an excellent souvenir. There are a wide variety of fine and reliable labels that can be chosen.  Almost two per cent of Romania’s agricultural land is given over to vineyards that make Romania one of the world’s top 10 wine producers. Best known wines making regions are Dobrogea (reds), Murfatlar, Dealul Mare, Tarnava, Cotnari, Recas, etc. Different kinds of wines are produced there.

Religious Icons

In Romania, the Christian religion is very popular as most of the people belongs to this community. Many churches are there that have beautiful architecture, elegantly decorated and boast superb interior. Some deeply religious people of Romania placed a couple of icons on their walls. Bucharest is the place where you can find the religious icons easily and of varying quality. Colorfully framed icons are the best ones. Many shops also sell bibles, religious books, etc.

Putna Church and Monastery, Romania (UNESCO World Heritage) Image by Frans Sellies on Flickr

Entrance to the church at Putna monastery (Image by Frans Sellies on Flickr)
Interior of Putna Monastery (image by Wayne W G on Flickr)

Interior of Putna Monastery (Image by Liviu lonescu on Flickr)
Traditional Clothing

Each region has its own culture and clothing, similarly Romania has its own way of clothing. Most of the people purchase that as a most rememberable souvenir. Shirts, blouses, trousers and skirts with accessories like waistcoats, aprons, scarves, hats and fabric belts are usually worn there. Again, Bucharest is the best place to find traditional clothing and most probably at the Peasant Museum. In Peasant Museum, prices are high but quality is good and genuine. 

Romania Souvenirs (Image by camelia TWU on Flickr)

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Steaua Bucharest Shirts

The name of this shirt is named after the best European football team Steaua Bucharest as it is the most successful team. These shirts can be found in any Nike store in Bucharest, Romania. Nike stores are available in different places like Bucharest Mall, AFI Palace, Unirea Shopping Center, etc.

Local Designers Material

One can also purchase a pair of handmade shoes from Romania’s designer either of the famous one or the local one. Both provide the perfectly finished item. It may not be the cheapest souvenirs but surely be unique one. They are customized basically, so you can make it according to your choice of design and color. For clothes, many local designers are available that make the dress according to your wish as they have a wide range of designs. So, you just have to choose the design and they will make it within some hours. 

All the above said souvenirs are just the suggestions as there are number of souvenirs that can be bought from Romania’s popular cities Bucharest, Sighriasoara, etc.  So, you can also add other souvenirs in the list of the above.