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Nepal Tours: Heaven on Earth

Wrapped along the great heights of Himalayas, Nepal is a place, not less than heaven on earth. Nepal can be considered to be a place of yaks and yetis, mountains and valleys; it can be called as one the best trekking places on earth. Being located in the lap of the great Himalayas, Nepal attracts mountaineers and trekkers from all over the world. Nepal Tours is not only known for its location, mountains and its atmosphere but also for its sophisticated urban cultures that developed in the Himalayas. It is considered to be the land of world class architectural heritage.

Nepal Comprising of Three Mini Kingdoms

Nepal is comprised of 3 mini kingdoms Kathamandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Kathamandu is the capital of Nepal, having the highest population in the country. It is the centre of infrastructure of the country, the gateway to Nepal tourism begins with Kathamandu. It is referred to as the Treasure house of art. 

Patan is one of the three mega cities in Nepal. With over 1200 temples, in and around the city, that includes number of Hindu and Buddhist temples, Patan is considered to be the religious hub of Nepal. The four ashoka stupas that mark four directions of Patan, Patan Durbar Square, pagoda temples, stone bath, are those popular places that any visitor, visiting Nepal would hardly miss to see. 

Bhaktapur, which used to be called as Bhagdaon, once stood to be the capital of Nepal in the old times. Located in the historical way between Tibet and India, offering magnificent view of Himalayas, a city comprising of hundreds of historical monuments, with a few of them added to the places of world heritage by UNESCO, bhaktapur is the city that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Rivers and Glaciers- Glory of the Kingdom

The Himalayan range in the kingdom, allows the breakdown of large number of rivers in the kingdom. The glaciers that breakdown from the top of Himalayas in the summer season, give rise to the number of rivers through the kingdom. The largest glacier of the kingdom lies in the Mahalangur and Kumbhkarana ranges. Khumbhu is the longest and Langtang is the longest in the kingdom.

If you are a lover of wild life and want to experience natural adventure, then Royal chitwan national park offers you the most adventurous and ravishing rides with elephants. With over 450 species of birds, 45 species of reptiles, 43 species of mammals, it is a huge national wildlife reserve of the country.

Another religious place worth visiting is the Pashupatinath temple, it is one the most sacred places of the Hindu culture.

Lumbini is another fantastic place to visit in Nepal travel with its fantastic archeological, artistic and religious treasures. Number of stupas and meditation grounds, enlighten the city. Visiting Lubini is just like meeting the Buddhist culture. It is the birthplace of the founder of Buddhist culture. It’s captivated by the eternal environment and the peaceful atmosphere that reflects the outmost purity of the city.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Spending the Best Days in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country wherein you could surely get memorable days, and you would not spend out your time without doing anything. So, if you would like to see the beauty that this place offers, it would be best for you to consider getting into a Sri Lanka travel.

Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country known for its majestic charm, history, wonderful beaches, striking plants and wildlife, a unique ambiance and its heavenly milieu. All of these attractions have made Sri Lanka for being one of the sought after destinations for tourists and travelers within the Southern Asia. If you would like to experience these all, it would be best for you to get Sri Lanka Tour Packages now.
Sri Lanka tourism could be widely divided into three main categories. These would be with the cultural cities, beaches, people and the importance of their religion and history and of course, their reservation of the nature. The beauty of a place doesn’t count on how big it is, but for what it could offer to their countrymen, so as with their visitors.

A Visit to the Bustling Colombo-

Colombo is simply the largest city within Sri Lanka. It would take an hour for one to drive from the Bansarnaike international airport. Just like in the other metropolitan cities, Colombo is also a place where activities happen. There could be a number of places that is worth seeing.

Since it is a coastal town, you could really enjoy the stunning scenery of the sea together with the throngs heading off to Galle Face greens for the evening. You could also try visiting the National zoological gardens, so as the Independence square, which has been built for marking up the freedom of the Sri Lanka from the British.

Skinny Dipping at Great Beaches-

Sri Lanka tourism is not only about the beaches. If you take the travel traveling inland, then there are a number of treasures that you have to discover. Whenever you planned a Sri Lanka travel on the east coast, then going to Nilawell beach would be the best attraction. It is a 6km of white sandy beach, stunning and has lots of things to offer, just like scuba diving, most especially when you are near the Pigeon Island. On the other hand, if your tour were on the west coast, then the picture perfect beach would be the Unawatuna. It only has a narrow stretch of sand curving surrounding the pristine bay, and one of the naturally pretty beaches around the globe. Its sheltered waters are simply perfect when it comes to swimming activities.

Get the cool with Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka Tourism-

Whenever you are a fan of the cooler climate, there are simply lots of places that you could visit in Sri Lanka tours, yet one of them could be the Nuwara Eliya. This place is a hill station, which is located at the hub of Sri Lanka and just a little into the south. From the time when this country has been ruled under the Britain’s law, it is the place where British came for their ideal summer activities. The impact of the colonial era could still be seen within the city, whether it is called as the “Little England” or in the style for different activities that you could submerge yourself in while you are there. It could be with boating, horse riding or golfing.

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Indonesia Tourism – A Blend of Nature, Heritage and Adventure

Indonesia is an archipelago of several thousand islands. The country has a beautiful diversity, rich food, great heritage. Indonesia Tours would give you a feeling of having experienced the beauty of almost the whole of Asia. The islands are scenic beauties with their beaches, beautiful landscapes and exotic flora and fauna. People with interest in art, culture, heritage and monuments can have their share of the pie in the cities. People are very friendly, amiable and welcoming. There is an endless list of places to visit and explore that even an entire month of Indonesia tour would still make you leave the place without having the contentment of having explored the whole country.

If your Indonesia tour is short, you must ensure to visit some of the places listed below :

Blend with Nature at Puri Sunia-

If you are the kind that loves everything of nature, Puri Sunia should be your favorite stop in your Indonesia tour. You would find backwaters, coconut plantations and a friendly populace that uses natural resources for most of their needs. Spend your dream holiday in a bamboo hut, with smooth unpainted wooden furniture and surrounded by flower shrubs.

Have some Adventure with Nature at Bangka Belitung - If you want some fun to be blended in your Indonesia travel, visit Bangka Belitung. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, beaches and sweeping plains, it is an ideal destination for beach lovers. The province comprises of two islands Bangka and Belitung.

Bali is the Big Seller in the Indonesian Tourism Industry -

Bali is a beautiful city with its variety of flora and houses some of the rarest species of trees in the world. Visit Eka Karya Botanical Garden in Bali and you would feel you have done an exploration of a lifetime of the beauty of nature. If you have enough time for your Indonesia travel, you may also visit other botanical parks such as the Thousand Islands National Park in Northern Jakarta. You can contact here for Bali honeymoon package.

Jakarta it is for the City Lovers -

Jakarta is a highly urbanized city in Indonesia. It is a shopper's paradise. Mal Kelapa Gading, Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, and Grand Indonesia are some of the popular malls in Indonesia. Ensure to add them to your list of places to visit in your Indonesia tour. You can also have great fun at the various amusement parks if you are the kind who can't live without adventure. Jakarta is also a paradise for those people who are fond of history and architecture. Experience the beauty of ancient Hindu, Buddhist as well as Islamic heritage all in one place - Jakarta. Your Indonesia Tour is incomplete without a visit to these places.

Cuisine: Food lovers – You aren't left out. Indonesia tours are going to be quite frequent in your life once you taste the exotic dishes in the country. Indonesian food comprises of a variety of cultural as well as foreign influences and is among the best in the world. Indonesia tourism partly thrives of its cuisine would not be a hyperbole. Yes, several foreigners plan recommend Indonesia tours to enjoy the feast of cuisine there.

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Hongkong Travel Guide – Best Spot to Expect in the Island

Hongkong is premier family tourism destination in the continent. With all the festive feasting, incense burning, dragon and lion dancing, and parades coming together. The country offers the visitor a multitude of fantastic entertainment, shopping and dining options. Hongkong also preserves the nature at its best which is being supported by rarest species of faunas. Hongkong beauty will provide you with the glimpse of sea, sky and greenery holding hand at Mai Pao and Aberdeen. Hongkong tourism will amaze you with the diverse contrasts and close immediacy of striking city escapes and soaring mountains, extensive green countryside and heritage sites.
Hongkong travel guide gives you info about the location, transport, shopping, climate, attractions, and other helpful tips while you are on tour. Whether you visit the stunning Victoria Peak, fantastic Ocean Park, and the beautiful Repulse Bay, the country will exceed your expectations.

The country has unique cultural that can’t be seen in mainland China. Majority of the Hongkong Chinese are Taoist or Buddhist. Hongkong tours offer ancient museums history, crafts and Chinese arts. You can witness the Chinese opera, cinema, Chinese therapy, lion dance, festivals, tea drinking, dragon dance, and song dynasty town.

Places to Go in Hongkong

Hongkong Victoria Peak
Most of the Hongkong tours groups include the Victoria Peak in their Hongkong trip. Victoria Peak is the most popular tourism spots and the local’s favorite. It is located in the Hongkong Island and the country’s highest peak. Standing at the peak embraces the best view of the city.
The common transport to access its peal is the Peak Tram. You can buy ticket from lower terminus that is about 10 min. walk from J2 exit of Central MRT station or the Bus 15C from Star Ferry, by Octopus Card or Cash. You can top up the tickets to access the Sky Terrace, which is the highest point in the peak. It allows you to have 360 degrees view of the island and even to the small island around.

Peak Galleria
This is the spot where you can grab great souvenirs and good bargains. It also has a spectacular view at night and the best shopping experience. There are lots of restaurants that serve different cuisines with enormous dining atmosphere and experience.

Madame Trussauds
This is the famous wax museum in the country. You should not miss your Hongkong travel with the well known museums where you can discover the wax figures of the famous local Hongkong artists and international stars.

Star Ferry
It is the most essential and representative landmark of the island. Ferries commute between Hongkong and Kowloon since 1888. Although road tunnels are constructed beneath the harbor has brought alternative ways to shuttle between the two island, lots of commuters still prefer for the ferry.

Hongkong tourism is well known for its Temple Street Night market and nightlife, located at Yau Ma Tei, which is one of the famous night markets in the island. Locals spend their night hanging out with their friends while tourist finds them interesting.

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Entering Into a Blissful Journey of Married Life Through International Honeymoon Destinations

It is your first step for a happy married life followed after the honeymoon and you do not want to take any chance to make your spouse happy. Make your honeymoon more memorable by choosing awesome International Honeymoon destinations.   

Spending time with your beloved or involving in fun filled activities, sharing some memories from past or planning your future- everything is involved during honeymoon. So make it a phase that can never steal the love between you two and you can cherish the memories lifelong. This idyllic escapade of yours will be truly romantic and amazing experience once you choose your honeymoon packages for any international destinations.

There a several honeymoon destinations spread across globe to make your honeymoon all the more special. Discovering the picturesque locales along with your life partner is truly fabulous experience. You get to spend some quality time in your spouse’s company after a long procedure of ceremonies. So why not make the most of it!

As you start this new chapter of your life, your dreams also start brewing up. Plan your future with your beloved in the tranquil ambiance of islands or share your past memories in serene atmosphere of hill stations. Get a bit more flirtatious as you spend time near sea beaches or enjoy sightseeing and getting acquainted to the local pleasures. This delightful phase will never come back hence make it as memorable as it could be. 

Get pampered through the amazing packages for international honeymoon destinations. These lucrative packages are worth the price as they can include your complete travel expense, accommodation charges and who knows if you are welcomed and bid adieu with some lovely surprises in store.

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Summer Holidays in Shimla

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, has always been a hot favourite of everyone in summers. No wonder then that the place was used by the Britishers as a summer capital for years together from 1864 till 1939. The britishers fondly named Shimla the Queen of hill stations and even today, this small hill station, nestled amidst the pine forests and apple orchids, invites tourists in hordes.

What’s more? The city is also so well connected by train; road and air that tourists find the place very approachable even for a short break and the cool environs of the city are always beckoning for all and sundry, especially when the rest of the country is feeling the heat of the rising temperatures. However, it is a different story all together in the peak season when, many a times, the city is so packed to its capacity that the place becomes as chaotic as any growing city of the country. So quite often, the visitors are surprised to see the same chaos, traffic jams and acute water shortage in this renowned hill station. In fact, quite a few times the streets are so jam packed that the authorities have to ban the entry of vehicles in certain parts of the market. Yet despite the chaos, the moment one moves out of the hubbub of city, the surroundings are alluring and soothing.

When we spoke to little Anisha on what she liked the most in the place. She seemed awe-stuck by the toy train that takes one from Kalka to Shimla. Passing through almost 105 tunnels, this train cutely chugs through the narrow and specially built rail network that links the hill station with the other parts of the country. On the other hand, the middle-aged Tom- a Britisher was thrilled by almost everything-the smiling faces of people that greet you while one moves slowly up the hill in the toy train. He was equally fascinated by the smooth trek that he had while visiting both the Sankat Mochan and Tara Devi temples. He liked the manner in which complete view of the city could be enjoyed from Sankat Mochan temple and the beautiful hill resort. He did lament the fact that visiting in summer, he couldn't saviour the luxury of enjoying winter sports at Kurfi, which is known as the winter sports capital.

Most of the tourists are equally overwhelmed by Jakhu hill, which is at a height of 8000 feet and also happens to be the highest peak in the area. What mesmerises tourists on this hill is the breathtaking view of the snow-capped peaks of Himalayan range. And for many foreigners, the very sight of extremely bold monkeys in and around the Hanuman temple is fairly amusing. They are equally enchanted by the familiarity that these animals have with the human surroundings, and can always be found busy capturing these memorable moments in their cameras.

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Visit Malaysia Tour For A Truly Asia Experience

Malaysia lures every tourist to see the land of endless beauty. It is a home for many ethnic groups like Malays, Chinese, Indians, all co-existing in peace and tranquility  This multiculturalism has made Malaysia a tourist haven. Hundreds of vibrant festivals are held in this land of wonder and excitement.

Picturesque spots, majestic buildings and breathtaking scenery are present throughout the length and breadth of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia, is studded with sky kissing skyscrapers. The main attraction in the capital city is the historical twin Petronas towers. Sparkling night markets, bustling Chinatowns, etc., are the main adornments of these twin towers.  In the city of Putrajaya, the chief visiting places are, Putra Mosque, Perdana Putra, Seri Wawasan Bridge and Putra Bridge. There are also many places of cultural importance, such as, War Museum, Snake Temple, Fort Cornwallis, George Town, Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang Bridge and Penang Hill. Among the historical places, Jonker’s Walk, Portuguese Settlement Village, Muzium Budaya, St. Paul Hill, Poh San Teng temple A’ Farmosa Fort, etc., are the most famous. Perhentian Islands in Terengganu state is a group of Islands, with sun kissed beaches, famous for breathtaking sunset scenes. Other famous destinations are: Cameron highlands (famous for tea plantations), Kinabal National Park (for mountaineering) and Redang (Island destination).

Malaysia is growing as a hub for various exciting activities. Visitors engage in a plethora of adventurous in Malaysia. The most popular among them are scuba diving, White-water rafting, Trekking and caving, Golf, Karate, Traditional sports, Longhouse visits, Jungle railway, etc.

Futuristic malls, exotic cultural stores, lively markets, make Malaysia a frequented place for shopping. The best time for shopping in Malaysia is during the annual sales, i.e., from July to September and November to ending January. The most popular city for shopping in Malaysia is the capital city Kuala Lumpur. There is no better shopping place for fashion products and electronic goods in the world other than Kuala Lumpur. The shopping time is mainly from 1000-2200 hrs daily.

As far as Malaysian cuisine is considered, it is spicy, delicious, mouth watering and appetizing.  Food stalls are to be found in the streets as well as in towering buildings. One can taste various cuisines in Malaysia. Nasi lemak, Sambal, Acar and Rendang are the famous dishes in Malaysia. Regarding accommodation, every visitor should kick this worry out of his mind. Hotels dot every square metre of Malaysia. Being a member of International Youth Hostel Federation, Malaysia is a home for numerous Youth hostels. The facilities in these hostels are very good and young people get home away from home.

Malaysia is an amalgam of different ethnicity  Different people of varied cultures co-exist peacefully in this beautiful land. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., all live in harmony.  People of Malaysia, known as Malays, are very hospitable. For them entertaining visitors is a type of worship. Throughout the year, the climate is mainly tropical. However, the months of October and November are the months of monsoon. Tourists generally like to visit Ultimate Vacation in Malaysia during the summers to enjoy the waters and beautiful beaches.

So, in coming summers, do visit the country of bliss and happiness. Malaysia takes you into a world free from trouble and worries. It fills your heart with joy and makes your soul cherish the beauty of Mother Nature. A visit to this wonderland is must for all nature lovers.

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Top 5 Most Popular Hill Stations in India

Running around from office to home, managing an ailing mother, a house under renovation and the rush of year-end in the office was driving Ramona out of wits. When things were a little settled she just decided to give herself the much needed respite by planning to visit an Indian hill station.

Being a Sri Lankan, many of her friends talked about the cool environs, lush green hills and mouth watering cuisine that was always available in a number of sumptuous varieties. Though she had often visited the country, but it was mostly as part of an official trip, which hardly ever left her with the time to relax and pamper herself with relaxed sightseeing. But she had heard about the popular destinations. Some of these were:

  • Ooty: There was a time when the Britishers established this hill station in the early 19th century as the summer headquarters of the Chennai government. It has now evolved into a soothing and serene destination that can help to escape the summer heat of Tamil Nadu. Ooty Hill Station most popular attractions are the Botanical Gardens, boating in the Ooty Lake, and trekking to reach Dodabetta Peak for an excellent view of the Nilgiri hills.

  • Nainital: This lovely destination is part of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state and was once upon a time a popular summer retreat of the British. It still harbours the serene and emerald colored Naini Lake that is surrounded by the action filled Mall lined with restaurants, shops, hotels, and market.

  • Kodaikanal: Nestled 120 kilometers from Madurai in the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal means "Gift of the Forest". True to the meaning, the destination is full of many varieties of flora and fauna. The city also boasts of an annual horticultural show at the landscaped botanical Bryant Park in May where people enjoy the waterfalls, boating in the lake, along with simply walking on the nature trails. Herbs and aromatherapy oils are also some of the most interesting things to buy in the hill station of which eucalyptus oil is the most popular.

  • Darjeeling: This famous hill station in West Bengal is full of lush tea gardens and is also blessed by the stunning view of Mount Kanchenjunga, the world's third highest peak. Some other popular attractions include the monasteries, botanical gardens, a zoo, and the longest cable car in Asia- Darjeeling-Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway cable car. Darjeeling Hill Station also a wonderful place to walk around, and explore the tea estates and greenery around.

  • Shimla: The summer capital of erstwhile British Raj is now the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. Well-known for its wonderfully cool and charming town that sprawls along a mountain ridge and is almost enveloped in oak, pine and rhododendron  forests. Famous for colonial style buildings and historic railways the place is always seem to be welcoming tourists with its old Christ Church having beautiful stained glass windows,the mesmerizing scenery from Scandal Point, and the Viceregal Lodge  on the Observatory Hill.

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Destinations in India for Summer Holiday Camp

Summers are usually the time when summer heat sizzle the country; luckily this is also the time when kids have summer break from their respective educational institutes making it an ideal time to plan a break with family. Statistics of Mastholiday shows that most of the people try to escape the heat by heading towards hill station, as a result what one gets to see are overcrowded places. But what Mastholiday recommends is just akin to its name-summer holiday camps, which are absolutely masti in ultra cool natural environs.

These holiday camps are not just the best way to de-stress your body and soul, but is also the best mechanism to bond with the family while having a wonderful time together. Expertise of Mastholiday shows that some of the popular holiday camps are the ones where people can indulge in fishing, canoeing, hiking, and trekking and may also include additional attractions like campfires and visit to areas of wilderness.

What these camps offer to the young minds is an opportunity to adjust to any circumstances while making an effort to know total strangers. However, if such camps are organised for corporate employee then it gives them an opportunity for complete rejuvenation, leading to better co-ordination and camaraderie.

Some of the favourite summer camping Holiday Destinations in India are:

  • Saat Tal: Comprising of seven astonishing lakes and just 22 km away from Nainital, this camp site is situated at a moderate height of 1300 meters above the sea level. What is most interesting about this destination is that one can go for camping in this area throughout the year because of its favorable climate.

  • Mukteshwar: Located in the Kumaon region of Uttaranchal, India and perched on the Mukteshwar ridge, this camp can be enjoyed on different terrace levels and is just 50 kms from Nainital.

  • Munnar: Nestled in the hills of Kerala this tea garden hill station offers excellent backdrop of adventure camps for school children and corporate. Some of the locations in Munnar are also ideal for ecotourism as those give one perfect idea of the life of local community besides providing them an opportunity to earn money. As per the choice of tourist, these camps can be clubbed with trekking and visit to tea factory.

  • Rishikesh: Situated on the banks of holy Ganga, this place is tranquillity personified. Special features of the Rishikesh tour and the camps organised in this area are the range of activities that one can have here as the area has it all-a splashing river, waterfalls, greenery and places to trek so one can chose between rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking, and trekking.

In fact the destinations given above are just a fraction of what India offers. The list is as endless as the diversity in the country. So if you have the time and inclination don’t just think twice. Get in touch with Mastholiday to take care of the rest for you and while the rest sizzle in the heat of summers, you freak out with your family.

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International Honeymoon Destinations

Stars in eyes and love in the air is how things are just after getting married. But to convert these stars and love in an everlasting feeling and make it further firm on the foundation of respect and trust Mastholiday proposes some real mast destinations that provide you an ambience which is just apt for such a wonderful beginning.

Amit was in fact thrilled to get a superb honeymoon deal of Malaysia. Everything was just like a dream for him and his newly married wife, who just couldn’t help but fall in love with him all over again for being so thoughtful. He in turn thanked his stars for leaving it all to Mastholidays otherwise it would have been really difficult for him to coordinate it all. After all his package included a limousine pick up from airport till hotel, followed by an equally luxurious stay in hotel and sightseeing once again in a limousine that too much within his budget, leaving enough for him to buy mementos and gifts for near and dear ones of his immediate and extended family.

While Amit was having the time of his life in Malaysia, Anur was getting besotted by the technically advanced Singapore holiday packages another popular international honeymoon destination of Mastholiday. He was relaxed to see that major attractions of the country that had the costliest entry tickets were free of cost for him as it was all included in the package. Even his wife was overjoyed with the location of their hotel.

The agents of Mastholiday state that couples with a liking for sun, sea and exotic locales also prefer Sri Lanka. The country is not just far cheaper, but is also very well-known for its luxurious and discounted hotels and superb cuisine. In fact many Indians just can’t believe their luck when they realize that Sri Lankan rupees is almost three times cheaper than that of Indian rupees so even a branded shirt of LKR 1200 is in fact merely of four hundred Indian rupees.

Moving from cost-effective honeymoons to value for money destinations entails umpteen European and developed world countries. Of all these, the ever beckoning Switzerland with its snow-capped peaks, lush green meadows and tranquil surroundings is always the most-sought after.

Italy, located on the Mediterranean Sea and spanning north to the Alps mountain range offers both the coastal charm and snow capped mountains. The country has a number of major cities worth visiting which is why many couples spend a day or two in a number of cities, rather than limiting their trip to only one.

Same is true of France also. However, many couples can’t seem to have enough of Paris-the most romantic city in the world. The city has so much to offer that two to three days just fly by and before one realizes you are not just more in love with each other, but also with the city.

However, if international honeymoon packages is what a couple is looking for then Tahiti might be a good bet. Situated in South Seas, the island of Tahiti offers endless beaches, palm trees and a sense of paradise. Taking an island cruise, doing scuba diving through the coral reefs deep below the ocean surface, there is plenty to discover. So what are you waiting for?

Cheap Flight Tickets at Mast Holiday

Asmit couldn't believe when his friend Arman told him about the Cheap Flight Tickets that he had purchased for his family on Mast Holiday. Arman was so mast with the idea of travelling so cheap to the destination of his choice that he kept singing about the wonderful deal he could manage. The more he went on, the more infuriated and helpless Asmit felt. After all he had booked for the same destination a fortnight back and had paid through his nose. How was that? He still couldn't believe his luck!

It was only after calling up Mast Holiday customer care that he understood why suddenly destiny had chosen to smile on his friend and not him. This was primarily because Arman had chosen to book tickets via Mast Holiday-a renowned name in the travel industry for inbound and outbound sectors.

Being promoted by Mast Holiday the company had all the more credibility. Asmit learnt from the Mast Holiday agent that how the group had made use of their good will and reputation in the market to get the best possible and cheapest deals for their clients and that’s how his friend too had benefitted by booking tickets via Mast Holiday.

The company also endeavoured to provide one stop travel solution to all and sundry. As a result they had twenty-four hours customer care at the beck and call of customers. The company also boasted of extremely experienced travel professionals, who kept close eye on the day-to-day development of the industry and also made the best use of competition in the sector to pass on maximum benefits to their customers like Arman.

What these efforts won for their clients was envy of friends and neighbors said a laughing Arman winking at Asmit. And no wonder he was indeed correct. The deal that he had got from Mast Holiday was not just far cheaper and was offered in best possible rates, but also enhanced the satisfaction level of not just Arman, but his entire family.

Asmit couldn't do much about the tickets which had already been booked now. But he did vow to go through Mast Holiday not only for booking tickets and even cross check with them about travel destinations and packages before deciding on the tour circuit with his family. After all, if he could get the same tour circuit in a better price than why not, he said to himself.

He was also impressed by the idea of getting all solutions like Cheap Car Booking, Discounted Hotels, sightseeing arrangements etc. in just one place and by one agency. So there was no hassle of coordinating between different agencies. The agency just took care of it all and what was left to the client was to bother about packing and then enjoying whole heatedly with his family. “Alas! Only if I knew it earlier”, he grumbled to himself. Any way better late than never, he went on to console himself. So the next vacation will actually be a mast holiday he promised to himself. How about you? Have you also learnt from Asmit's experience?