Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An Affair with Khandala Attractions

Indian hill station tour is very common among the travel enthusiasts whether they are domestic or international tourist. It is the charm, scenic beauty and attractions of these hill stations tour which always spellbound its visitors, drawing them from every corner of the planet. Since early age, the renowned Indian hill station, Khandala is gaining lots of popularity among the tourist; this is because of its attractions, appealing mountains and lustrous valleys and therefore, people wish to spend a remarkable holiday in Khandala with their family friends and with the beloved one. The place is situated in the heart of the India’s biggest metropolitan city Mumbai and easily reachable from Lonavala.

Hill Station View of Khandala
The panoramic beauty of the hill station is lying in its beautiful Tugauli Lake, strange Bhaja Caves, wonderful Duke’s Nose peak and Karla, which are the most popular tourist places of interest. Tiger’s Leap is considered the most enchanting point as standing on this peak and overlooking the valley one can easily observe the appearance of a leaping tiger.

Tiger's Leap, Kandala
The region of Karla is famous for its ancient Buddhist caves. Here, you can see some great rock cuts sculptors work on the walls of the caves, which narrates the stories of past. Although these caves are not so famous like Ajanta and Ellora Caves thereafter, it experiences extremely pleasant outing. Bhaja and Bedsa caves are most famous which you should not miss while you are at Karla.

If you get fed up with daily functions, then reach Tugauli Lake and spend some moments on the bank of the tranquil lake; it will really rejuvenate your body and soul and will give you the ultimate pleasure.

Karla Buddhist Cave
Karla and Duke’s Nose peak are the best places for adventure enthusiasts and invites fun and excitement into your life. Wish to climb on these rocky hills wearing trekking shoes and held a competition to reach the peak. This activity will surely wake up your idle thrilling skills.

Apart from these, Khandala holiday package also include sightseeing of some spellbinding attractions like Sunset Point, Lions Point, Rye Wood Park and many more which never fails to experience a lifelong holiday. 

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