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Top 5 Destination Places in Transylvania

Transylvania, a place having several reasons to visit. Both geographically and historically, it is an interesting place. The history of it lies behind the Vlad III Tepes or commonly called as “Dracula” and the geography lies in its natural scenery. Many medieval forts, castles, fortified churches, fortified citadels, tall mountains and ski resorts are available here. Some of the destinations listed below are worth to visit.

5. Saxon Fortified Churches

Hamruden/Homorod, Saxon Fortified Church by Tudor Seulean on
Bonnesdorf/Boian saxon fortified church by Tudor Seulean on
Rothbach/Rotbav Fortified Saxon church by Tudor Seulean on
Zeiden/Codlea Fortified Saxon church by Tudor Seulean on
The countryside of Transylvania is sprinkled with Fortified Saxon Churches. They are fortified as the country was often invaded from both the East and the West and to protect themselves, people built huge walls around their churches. Many invaders like the Mongols ruthlessly invade over the country. After the construction of fortified churches, it was difficult to invade the country so the invaders moved away without hurting them. However, in case the invaders still got inside then, the churches had a safe place behind its thick metallic doors where the villagers of the country could assemble if needed. It is quite interesting to see these fortified churches which have a great past behind them.

4. Poiana Brasov Ski-Resort

Poiana Brasov Ski Resort by Matt Bigwood on
Kanzel, Poiana Brasov by Stefan Tanase on
view from ski resort Poiana Brasov by Travis Ferland on
This ski resort is located 12 km from Brasov. It is an exotic place as surrounded from all sides by four mountains Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Postavaru, and Piatra Mare. It is the most popular Ski Resort among children. Atlas Mountain can also be seen from there. Hotels of this place look like medieval castle having a torture chamber and decorated in a Gothic style. It is a perfect place for Ski enthusiasts as it provides great opportunities.

3. Transylvanian Alps and Balea Lac

Transylvanian Alps by ktLaurel on
Balea Lac by Ioana Bancos on
Transylvanian alps by ange & ivan on
The Transylvanian Alps or the Transfagarasan Mountains as they are sometimes called are quite imposing. They are tall enough and it is difficult to pass through them. However, the Transfagarasan highway is there to go across the mountains. Balea Lac is one of the stops along the highway, which is a lodge located high up the mountains. This place is exceedingly beautiful and is used for extreme skiing in winter. Sometimes in winter, they built an ice hotel over there to give the picturesque view of the lodge. Mountains with lodge mesmerize anyone to live there for the whole life.

2. Bran Castle or Dracula Castle

Bran Castle (Dracula castle) by Hugo Pelinski on
Bran Castle by Josh Thielen o
Bran Castle by Piero Damiani on
Bran castle made out of the Dracula’s Castle is very popular among the citizens of Europe. Hearing the name of Dracula only make anyone exciting but until now there is no proof that Dracula ever stayed there. Many stories related to the past of Dracula is there. It is a fun place for all to visit. The theme of the castle is the Vlad Tepes Dracula. Inscriptions and paintings of Dracula make it a horrible site among kids. Outside the castle, there is a beautiful village museum and a market area from where one can purchase various Dracula themed items like Vampire mask, blood, etc.

1. Sighisoara

Sighisoara Citadel Square by alezhi on
Sighisoara by dorombach on
Sighisoara Citadel by RayMorris1 on
Sighisoara is considered the birthplace of Prince “Vlad Tepes” or “Vlad Tepes Dracula”. He was born here in 1431 in a three storey house. This town is well preserved in the world and on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the most beautiful and well-preserved citadel in Europe. It contains authentic medieval architecture and is one of the fortified towns, which is still inhabited. The buildings of this town are just imagination. Gothic ambiance spread all around the town. As we know that it is the birthplace of Dracula, so it is often considered the Vampire Capital of the World. The main sites visited by most of the people are Sighisoara Citadel, Weapon Museum, Covered Staircase, Church on the Hill and Bust of Vlad Tepes.

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