Friday, November 11, 2011

Spending the Best Days in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country wherein you could surely get memorable days, and you would not spend out your time without doing anything. So, if you would like to see the beauty that this place offers, it would be best for you to consider getting into a Sri Lanka travel.

Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country known for its majestic charm, history, wonderful beaches, striking plants and wildlife, a unique ambiance and its heavenly milieu. All of these attractions have made Sri Lanka for being one of the sought after destinations for tourists and travelers within the Southern Asia. If you would like to experience these all, it would be best for you to get Sri Lanka Tour Packages now.
Sri Lanka tourism could be widely divided into three main categories. These would be with the cultural cities, beaches, people and the importance of their religion and history and of course, their reservation of the nature. The beauty of a place doesn’t count on how big it is, but for what it could offer to their countrymen, so as with their visitors.

A Visit to the Bustling Colombo-

Colombo is simply the largest city within Sri Lanka. It would take an hour for one to drive from the Bansarnaike international airport. Just like in the other metropolitan cities, Colombo is also a place where activities happen. There could be a number of places that is worth seeing.

Since it is a coastal town, you could really enjoy the stunning scenery of the sea together with the throngs heading off to Galle Face greens for the evening. You could also try visiting the National zoological gardens, so as the Independence square, which has been built for marking up the freedom of the Sri Lanka from the British.

Skinny Dipping at Great Beaches-

Sri Lanka tourism is not only about the beaches. If you take the travel traveling inland, then there are a number of treasures that you have to discover. Whenever you planned a Sri Lanka travel on the east coast, then going to Nilawell beach would be the best attraction. It is a 6km of white sandy beach, stunning and has lots of things to offer, just like scuba diving, most especially when you are near the Pigeon Island. On the other hand, if your tour were on the west coast, then the picture perfect beach would be the Unawatuna. It only has a narrow stretch of sand curving surrounding the pristine bay, and one of the naturally pretty beaches around the globe. Its sheltered waters are simply perfect when it comes to swimming activities.

Get the cool with Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka Tourism-

Whenever you are a fan of the cooler climate, there are simply lots of places that you could visit in Sri Lanka tours, yet one of them could be the Nuwara Eliya. This place is a hill station, which is located at the hub of Sri Lanka and just a little into the south. From the time when this country has been ruled under the Britain’s law, it is the place where British came for their ideal summer activities. The impact of the colonial era could still be seen within the city, whether it is called as the “Little England” or in the style for different activities that you could submerge yourself in while you are there. It could be with boating, horse riding or golfing.

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