Thursday, September 19, 2013

Top 5 Cities of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon is a country located in South Asia. Gulf of Mannar is the separation point between Sri Lanka and India. It is an island country separated by the Gulf of Mannar, Palk Strait (a narrowest point) from India. The main features of the island are tropical beaches, verdant vegetation, ancient monuments, tea gardens and hill stations. The climate of the country is average means neither too hot nor too cold. All this together makes it a best tourist place. 

Popular places to visit:-

1. Colombo : - Colombo is the capital of the popular country. The name of the city was first introduced by the Portuguese in 1505. Once it has been just a small sea port created for trade purpose. It has old as well as new colonies. One can enjoy there many things, some of that are exploring the Pettah Bazaar, bird watching in the Talangama and Attidiya wetlands, national museum, Dutch museum, enjoy vibrant nightlife, Kelaniya Raja Maha Temple, Churches of the Colonial Period, Art Galleries, etc. So, there are many places to see that make it a good place to visit in Sri Lanka.
2. Bentota : - Bentota is a well known city of Sri Lanka and popular for its golden beaches. Tourists gather to this place in a large number and famous particularly among foreigners. It houses a variety of proclaiming hotels. Ayurveda, an old art also delivers by this city. This city is also famous for its alcoholic drink “toddy” made out of coconut nectar. If you travel to Sri Lanka then don’t miss to visit this place and surely drink toddy once at least.
Bentota Beach by mayapillai on
3. Kandy : - Kandy is located in Sinhala in the center of Sri Lanka. Tea plantations can be seen on the hillside of Kandy. This city is one of the major scenic beauties in Sri Lanka and have both the tourist as well as religious places. As it is a tourist place so, large number of shops are there contain the jewelries and traditional paintings or sculptures. One can visit the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, Ceylon Tea Museum, Natha Devalaya, Vishnu Devalaya, Temple of the sacred tooth relic, Lanktilake Temple, etc. So, this is the right place to visit in Sri Lanka and favored by most of the people.
Kandy Lake and City Center
4. Nuwara Eliya : - It is a cool town located approximately 6200 ft above the sea level in the mid area of the huge tea plantations in the central highlands. If anyone wants to see natural beauty then this is the right place. Its pleasant climate is just similar to that of Britain’s, due to this sometimes it's called as “Little England”.  This town is famous for its race course and world renowned golf club. Salubrious climate, breathtaking views of valleys, meadows, mountains and greenery, make it a hard to imagine place. Other places one can see includes Pony rides, Trout Streams, Victoria Park and Boating on Lake Gregory. Also, enjoy unique bird watching as it is home to endangered and endemic species of bird life.

Tea Plantation near Nuwara Eliya
5. Jaffna : - Jaffna is an ancient port city situated in the northernmost region of Sri Lanka. It is also the driest place in the country. Habitation exists there much earlier than other cities of the country and is populated by Tamil speaking people mostly. Millions of people called it a home of lagoon filled peninsula. Tamil culture still thrives in this town. The flat Jaffna Peninsula is almost an island, though attached to the mainland by just a strip of sand popularly called Elephant Pass. Climate, historical sites and culture are the famous thing about this town.
So, visiting the top destinations of Sri Lanka is like a dream come true as the places to visit are very beautiful. To travel in this country even for a short period of time it leaves the impression on the mind of the visitors for their whole life and exaggerate them to visit again and again.


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